7 Things You Need To Know

Here’s a list of answers to commonly asked questions when hiring a skip bin.

  1. You have to pay extra for hiring a bin that will be placed on council property. Depending on the council its about $50 to place a bin on the road or on a nature strip outside your home or office. These fees cover insurance.
  2. Be careful about filling your skip bin with heavy items such as carpet as there are weight restrictions at the tip and the delivery truck has a weight limited. Best to talk to Paul before you organise a skip bin.
  3. Mattress will cost an extra $25 dollars as Geelong council recycles them.
  4. It’s rare these days but be very careful with asbestos especially in some of the older dwellings. Stay right away from it and get experts to dispose of any asbestos you might find. We don’t pick up asbestos, tyres, oil/lard/liquid, paint, flammable liquid, gas bottles and food waste.
  5. Totally Wasted delivers around Geelong and the Bellarine Peninisula and parts of the Surf Coast. Any further out and extra fees will be incurred.
  6. It’s hard to judge the size of the bin you might need so it’s best to give Paul a call as he has seen so many sites he can help with your choice. It’s best to go a size up if you’re unsure as skip bins won’t be collected if they are over filled. The contents must not go over the side of the bin anywhere in the bin as this makes the skip bin unstable.
  7. Bins are hired for up to 7 days. If you need a bin for longer extra fees will be incurred.

If you are representing a company we have special rates for regular hires. If you are looking to hire a skip bin for your home ready for renovating or a big clean up then contact Paul (0409 861 039) to help you manage the whole process.