Bin Filling Safety Instructions

For the safety of our operators, and you, the road user, you must:

  • Fill to the top of the bin only.
  • Keep waste/rubbish fully within the bin.
  • Load the bin evenly (heavy items must be loaded evenly into the bin).
  • Load the heaviest items at the bottom of the bin & lighter materials on the top.

On pick up of the bin, the driver must be notified of any heavy items in the bin, such as:


When filling the bin please consider the safety of our operators and other road users. Please fill to the top of the bin only and keep the waste fully within the bin. It is illegal to travel with a dangerous load on Victorian roads. We have a duty of care to our employees and also other road users.

All of our bins are ‘tarped’ for transport to prevent material from blowing out whilst underway, however a tarp cannot support large heavy objects from sliding out. The tarp is designed to cover the bin. If the bin is overloaded the tarp cannot do its job and the bin becomes dangerous to transport. Should our operators feel that any bin is unsafe to transport we will contact you to rectify the problem or if you are not contactable the operator may unload the offending material from the bin.

Please do not move the bin from where it’s placed, as it may not be safely picked up when the bin is full. Moving the bins with a car or bobcat causes damage to the bin as well bends the side so the door won’t open or close. Please discuss your needs when booking the bin or with the driver on site when the bin is delivered to prevent additional charges being incurred.

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