Renovation Rubbish – Belmont

We recently delivered a 12 & 6 cubic metre skip bin to Belmont, a suburb here in Geelong. The home was being renovated as well as two units being built at the back of the property and we were able to deliver skip bins up their driveway.

The 12 cubic metre bin was to be used for demolition waste and old building materials that weren’t bricks and rumble. The bin was filled in a couple of days and taken away before the 6 cubic metre bin was delivered.

Weight  Restrictions With Different Sized Bins

This skip bin was to be filled with building rubble that included cement and bricks. It is really important that we know whether the bin you need is for removal of garden waste, general waste or building bricks & concrete or even soil. The reason why weight is so important is the carrying capacity of our trucks. We can only carry about 7 tonne and that includes the weight of the bin. A 6 cubic metre bin full of cement and bricks or soil gets very close to our 7 tonne carrying limit.

Another thing to remember is if the bin is to be placed on the road or footpath this will incur a council fee. Geelong Council allow bins to be temporarily placed on roads only if there is restricted access to a property and they must be clearly visible and not block access to other properties. It’s a good idea to let us know how difficult it is to access your property. The property in Belmont had no issues as the drive way was easy to access although there were a few overhead cables that had to be avoided.

Before You Book Your Next Skip Bin

Before you book a skip bin let’s talk about the amount and type of rubbish you need removing so you get the right size bin for your requirements and we don’t run into weight restriction issues. Also tell us how easy it is to access the property and how many bins you might require for your next renovation.

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