East Geelong & Whittington

Two large skip bins, 20 cubic metres and 12 cubic metres,where delivered to home renovations in East Geelong and Whittington (a suburb in Geelong  right next to Newcomb). Both bins were delivered on site so there were no council fees charged. If the bins are placed on council property or on the road then a fee will be charged by the council for the privilege. This is to cover insurance should any damage occur.

whittington skip bin

The skip bin in Whittington gives you an idea of the size of a 20 cubic metre bin.

The large skip bin unloaded in East Geelong was a challenging delivery as it needed to be delivered to the back of the property down a small alley way with very little room. In and around Geelong’s immediate outer suburbs access to the rear of properties are via these small access lanes.

rubbish removed via access lanes

Now spring is approaching home renovations will increase and our larger bins are great for getting rid of general household rubbish and furniture and then building rumble and debris in a second haul.

One thing to note is be very careful with carpet. Piles of carpet are extremely heavy and we get charged more by the refuse centres and must on charge the cost to you. If you have a lot of carpet to dispose of or you are unsure how much carpet will incur further costs give Paul Lambden a call for more advice and information. Ph: 0409 861 039

Further fees will be charged for tyres just in case you have any lying around your garage. Again these fees are charged by the council and aren’t additional fees charged by Totally Wasted.

It’s always a good idea to let us know the type of rubbish you wish to remove so we can guide you and avoid any nasty surprises when we come and pick up your fully ladened skip bin.