Clifton Springs

Rubbish Removed From A Kitchen Renovation

Clifton Springs is a small town on the Bellarine Peninsula that overlooks Corio Bay, the You Yangs and Geelong. We delivered a bin there for a great client who is renovating their kitchen. It was an 8 cubic metre bin, perfect for the job. If you are struggling to judge how big a skip bin you will need call Paul and he’ll help you estimate the best bin size for the job.

At Totally Wasted we do deliver larger skip bins around the Bellarine Peninsula for commercial and residential work. Just a quick note on council tip fees – most of them are similar across the Peninsula with similar guide lines as to what can be put into the bins.

One of the biggest issue some residential properties might face is discovering your property has asbestos used in the construction or finishing of your home. If you are renovating asbestos is highly dangerous and requires special removalists such as Hazard Alert (Geelong) or Pecker The Wrecker to analyse and dispose of it correctly.  Some of the places you might find asbestos in use are

•Flat or corrugated “fibro cement” sheet

•Roof and gable ends

•Imitation brick cladding

•Eaves, flashings and gutters

•Chimney linings

•Mastics and sealants

•Base boards

•Walls, floors, ceilings

•Ceiling insulation

•Vinyl floor tiles and linoleum backing

•Heater flues and heater linings

As you probably know asbestos can cause lung cancer is best avoided at all costs. We are not licensed to deal with asbestos or remove any asbestos rubbish so please contact the your nearest council office for more information.