Building Rubbish Torquay

A Torquay building site was the delivery location of one of our large 8 cubic metre skip bins and has been there for the past 6 months. The building site is home to 3 townhouses under construction and the large skip bin gets emptied every two weeks on average.

As the building progresses the rubbish changes from roofing and timber frame work to plaster, cement and bricks. Once tiling and other finishing commences the rubbish then becomes more card board, skirting and insulation waste.

The builders are a construction company called Civilex – a regular client and great people to deal with.

Torquay has seen an enormous growth over the last couple of years and is one of the fastest growing towns in Victoria. This of course means more construction and more rubbish removal. An article in the Geelong Advertiser explains this growth further and what it means to the area. Read more.

The rubbish from this Torquay site is taken to the Anglesea tip with most of it being recycled.

If you need rubbish removal from a construction site on the Surf Coast then contact Paul Lambden for advice and a quote on the best size bin and a regular rubbish removal schedule. Paul can help you with large construction sites as well having been a project manager on many building sites along Geelong’s foreshore. Paul can also give you advice on the council regulations regarding rubbish removal.